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The Area of Africa and South Africa that we are covering for now is shown in this red area.
We are out to expose!  We want to expose the special people, that ensure our region to be unique. You are NOT too small or insignificant.
In the Wedding Game?  We want to know you! In all aspects :-)

By registering on our page, we immediately start marketing you. People can search this page by region, by types.  Have a website? We link it up directly for you.  Don't have one? We create one for you for next to nothing.

Because our mission is to uplift the community, to show all the talent that we have that is currently under exposed and hidden. We want to make sure you let the world know who you are. Because we need all the unique people but we need the world to see them.

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Driving through the Southern Cape does not only give fantastic Photo opportunities, the Southern Cape is also home to the most creative people!  From a taste explosion to the best hand made items,  from the most interesting shops; some hidden that you might overlook them in a quick passing by....

Now you can see and experience the Southern Cape in a totally different way!  By knowing beforehand what to look out for, you will have a unique    Either explore by region, with the different towns listed there as well as the en-route stalls, (integrated maps at the bottom) or explore by items using the buttons on the right.
Region for region, we will expose the unique menus and quality of farm stalls, bistros and restaurants.  The wine farms and what they offer.  Bakers, Cakers, Writers, Makers. The people that create. From wood, to metal to jewelry, to knitting and crochet, art and photography, the people that make unique food products,  the businesses that makes this area wonderful! Bottled fruit, jams, home-made cheese, all those special culinary items you will find here! 
Small Home-based businesses with stunning items to mid-sized businesses that can offer in bulk.

There are small towns with so many gems - but driving trough, you might just miss all! A little town like Napier, with one of the most diverse culinary experiences you can have! 

               Welcome at - Wishing you the best in Exploring with us!

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